Muir Campus 1936 located at
1905 N. Lincoln Ave.
1913-1921John Muir Junior High School (Walnut St.)
1926-1939John Muir Technical High School
1939-1942Pasadena Junior College,
West Campus
School ColorsOrange and Grey

Muir Campus Today
1942-1946US Army Military Base
1946-1954John Muir College
1954-2018John Muir High School
2018 – PresentJohn Muir High School Early College Magnet
School Colors Blue & Gold
The Circle is Complete…

Pasadena City College – Northwest Campus

School Principals

1926 – 1938Rufus Mead1981 – 1984Stan Sheinkopf
1939 – 1942Dr. Archie Turrell1985 – 1989Jimmie Charles
1943 – 1945Property designated
as a military base
1989 (Fall)Al Fortune
1946 – 1954Dr. Archie Turrell1990 – 1992Al Fortune,
1955 – 1960Frank R. Walkup1992 -1995Gary Talbert

  Muir Students & Dr. John Venable
1995 – 1996Sterling Williams
1996 – 2003Dr. Eddie Newman

Dr. Eddie Newman
1961 – 1968Dr. John A. Venable2003 – 2004Dr. Eddie Newman, Co-principal
Melda Gaskins, Co-principal
1969 – 1969David Blair2004 – 2004John Finn
1969 – 1970Mrs. Verdelle Reynolds2004 – 2006Dr. Daniel Webb
1971 – 1971Ray Cortines2006 – 2007Gary Roggenstein
1971 – 1975Elias Galvan2007 – 2012Sheryl Orange
1976 – 1980Jim Snyder2012 – 2017Tim Sippel
1980 (Fall)Jim Snyder2017 – Present Dr. Lawton Gray

“Principals with Principles”

Dr. Lawton Gray and Tim Sippel

A gracious transition to Dr. Lawton Gray from Tim Sippel, June 2017.
Principal Sippel leaves for Boston and Principal Gray
steps up to take the leadership role at Muir.
Best wishes to Mr. Sippel, may God watch over you and your family.
Welcome Dr. Gray, we look forward to your guidance and Mustang spirit.

History continues to be made at Muir,
“Stadium 42” in Honor of Muir Alum Jackie Robinson
is built April 2016 by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

New Scoreboard – 2020