In the main building of John Muir High School, there are two rooms that have been dedicated to the Alumni History Museum. Started by John Zweers, a retired teacher and Class of ’52 graduate of John Muir College, the Museum, which is a rarity among high schools, contains materials from the John Muir Tech era to the present. One room is devoted to the High School years (1954-present), containing photos, computers with interactive yearbooks, video presentations, uniforms, and other memorabilia.


The other room covers John Muir Tech and College years (1926-1954), with photos, banners, and furniture made on campus during that period. There are often special displays for events such as Open Houses and the Turkey Tussle. The Museum was organized and cared for Loren Shirar (’52) and Larry Tharp (’61) for many years. In 2018 Pablo Miralles (’82) took over the Museum and is working to bring the Museum into the 21st Century with enhanced audio-visual exhibits which will provide Muir students, their parents, and other visitors with a better sense of our school’s rich history and tradition. The Museum is a highlight of visits by reunion classes returning to campus. Be sure to keep the Museum in mind whenever you come across materials from your John Muir days.